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From time to time we find a travel-related site that has the potential to add more value to your travel. We don't endorse them, but we think they are something to be explored.
FIND AN ASTA AGENT - If you can get by the cutsey-pie greetings, just enter your immediate (or nearby) ZIP code to find a highly qualified travel professional to handle your local travel. One advantage: ASTA agent must swear to a code of ethics.
CITY NET - Exciting guide to cities across the U.S. and around the world, including rudimentary maps. Updated daily to keep fresh information flowing.
BIZTRAVEL - can give you the lead on what to do in major cities around the U.S. Not as extensive a listing as our Internet Air Fare cities, but a good start.
BEST TRAVEL DEALS - A good collection of car rental and hotel companies, as well as deals from other vendors.
HOT COUPON DEALS - Clean up on special coupon deals for travel, office and home. Not a wide selection for national distribution, but enough to be interesting.